Relaxing Sound of Water Rushing Down a Mountain Creek

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Listen to the relaxing sound of the water rushing down the moss covered stones of this mountain creek. Relax to the calming effect of this water sound.

In this nature sound you will hear the water sound rush down the mountain brook. No birds, no music, just the pure relaxing sound of water.

Sit back or lie down in a relaxing position and let this soothing river sound help you with the relaxation of your body & mind. Let the relaxing nature sounds relieve stress & tension, achieve greater clarity and get into a more focussed and productive state. Drift away to the ever flowing sound of the water flowing down the creek in the mountain forest creating a small waterfall. Create a peaceful and soothing atmosphere in your home, place of work or studying.

This 1 hour relaxing sound is part of our series – Relaxing River Sounds. In this series we present you our best relaxing water & river sounds that are good for Relaxation, Meditation, Studying, Reading and Focus.

This relaxing white noise water sound can also help you and your baby fall asleep more easily and get a good nights sleep.

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