Foggy Breeze gently blowing through forest

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Foggy Breeze gently blowing through forest - Wind Sound

Block out any distraction while studying, learning or working with the sound of wind gently blowing through a pine forests. Or just sit back and relax to this soothing wind sound.

In this 1 hour nature sound you will listen to the wind gently blowing through the a cloudy pine tree forest.

The calming white noise can help you create a distraction free and peaceful environment for working, focus or studying. There is no music, just the pure sound of the wind gusts blowing through the treetops. Let the soothing nature sound help you achieve better focus & concentration and get you into a more productive state.

Or use this sound to take a quick break from work or to fall asleep? Just sit back or lie down in a relaxing position and let this soothing sound help you with the relaxation of your body & mind. Drift away to the sound of the wind squalls blowing through the treetops of the forest and let it help you relieve stress & tension. Create a peaceful and soothing atmosphere in your home, place of work or place of studying.

This peaceful wind sound is part of our series – Relaxing Wind Sounds. In this series of relaxing nature sounds we present you our best sounds that can help you with relaxation, focus and sleeping.

The white noise wind sound is also good for Meditation, Studying, Reading, Focus & Concentration.

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